Consensus is for strong demand growth to 2030.

Electric transportation is the primary driver.


Lithium Economics

More than just Cars – Buses, Delivery Vehicles & E-Bikes; 
Utility scale Energy Storage is a game changer

Projected Demand
  • 359K Metric Tonnes LCE (2020)
  • 534K Metric Tonnes (2025)
  • Over 150K tonnes new capacity needed
The market needs multiple projects to succeed


  • ALB will only add 20k tonnes of brine capacity before 2020
  • SQM’s situation in Chile is uncertain
  • FMC has outsourced carbonate supply


  • Higher cost China Spodumene “Converters” have kept the market in balance
  • Demand growth to 2020 requires another 150K Tonnes LCE
  • “Big 3” plus China unlikely to add more than 100K Tonnes
  • Investment needed ASAP to avoid supply imbalance
Standard Lithium is on track to becoming a near term producer