• 100% Owned by Strikepoint, located in eastern Manitoba
  • The Angelina property has good overall road access and a few trails into the property.
  • Underlain by rocks of the Uchi Subprovince including the Ross River quartz diorite to the west, over which mafic and felsic volcanic rocks and derived were deposited; gabbroic and gneissic rocks and sedimentary rocks are present in the central and southeastern part of the property.
  • Mineralization 3.5 km south of Angelina includes the Onondaga mine where grades of 0.7-32g/t Au but exceptionally to 5616 and 9223 g/t Au were reported from a quartz vein containing minor pyrite and carbonate in feldspar porphyry within the Ross River Pluton, near mafic volcanic rocks and gabbro.
  • The Ogama shaft reached a depth of 239m in the Ross River diorite along a shear zone that extended of a strike length of 125m, 2-7m wide and oriented 310°, 80°NE. A total of 1645 kg of gold was recovered from 133,686 tonnes of ore for an average grade of 12.3g/t Au.
  • Several other occurrences of gold in quartz veins along shear zones within the Ross River are present at Eldorado and Valley Vein.
  • At other occurrences including Elora, Walton, Central Manitoba Gold Mine, Lucky, Gold Bird and Quartz Lake, Paty 2 the veins are associated with gabbro and values of up to 45 g/t Au were reported from quartz veins containing 1-5% pyrite.
  • Chip samples at the SL occurrence reported 3.7-14.0 g/t Au and 0.8-3.5 g/t Ag over an average of 2m.
  • The 2010 exploration program consisted of a ground based magnetic survey of the southern and central parts plus detailed geological mapping and found some anomalies east and west of Halfway Lake.
  • The 2011 exploration program will consist of more magnetic surveys and target for future diamond drilling.

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