Golden Oly

Buried Treasure

Picture5The Golden-Oly project has exciting potential to be a series of plutons hosting Intrusion Related Gold systems. Airborne geophysical survey highlighted six anomalies that were later determined to be buried or partially exhumed intrusions. Additional anomaly on neighbouring Strikepoint PDM property. Buried plutons would still have their mineralised carapace intact, making them exciting drill targets. Sheeted veins of polymetallic minerals have been sampled by Ryan Gold staff in 2011/12, further reinforcing the IRGS model. Grades up to 4.1 g/t Au and >100g/t Ag found on the Nug claims. No major soil anomalies due to mantle of sediments repressing signature, but where the plutons daylight, strongly anomalous soils have been observed. It has to be remembered that Victoria Gold’s Eagle deposit also had little to no surficial geochemical signature. Largely road accessible from Ross River, with final hop to sites currently by helicopter.


Oly 1

Oly 2




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