Black Raven

The Black Raven Property is located in Northwestern Ontario, 220 km east-northeast of the City of Thunder Bay, and 14 km northeast of the town of Marathon. The property is accessible from a logging road which connects to the Trans-Canada Highway. This logging road flanks the property on the southwest side. Otherwise, access to the property is by boat or aircraft.

Strkpt Black Raven Property Nov10 2014

Located within the Hemlo Greenstone Belt, the large 68 km2 Black Raven Property hosts multiple high-grade gold occurrences. Drill results from Entourage Metals initial drilling program, focused on the Super G prospect, which is a gold bearing quartz-breccia vein within a shear zone in mafic volcanics.

Intercepts from this initial drill program may be the highest grade found outside of the Hemlo Mines, in the Hemlo Greenstone Belt since 1981. BR11-01 returned 0.3 meters of 128.0 g/t Au, at a down dip depth of 40 metres. The discovery hole, BR11-04 returned results of 2.38 meters of 44.57 g/t Au (which includes 0.95 meters of 107 g/t Au), 110 meters down-dip from BR11-01. Currently the structure is open along strike and has been traced out over 400 meters from this initial drilling. This shear zone-hosted intercept is similar in style to other high-grade gold-bearing veins that have been mined in other Archean lode-gold deposits.

StrikePoint Gold’s priority is to continue to delineate the emerging geometry of this high-grade breccia vein and other subparallel gold-bearing veins (termed the Super G prospect). The thickness of the breccia vein is increasing with depth (below 100 m vertical) as exhibited by BR11-04 intercept (2.38 meters of 44.57 g/t Au). Most of our enthusiasm and excitement on this project is just beginning as we anticipate drilling below BR11-04. This project is still in it’s infancy.

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